Procurement Policy

We manufacture products reliable to customers, and we work with the following procurement policy because observing the law, creating a stable supply system, and activities to deepen collaborative partnerships that can continuously reduce cost are essential for fulfilling our social responsibilities in conducting various businesses.

1. Fair & Equitable Trade

We will provide equal opportunities to all enterprises, regardless of nationality, corporate scale, and transaction results, and conduct fair evaluation to select our business partners based on rational standards of quality, delivery date, cost, technology, environmental conservation, sound business operations, and compliance to laws and regulations, and societal norms.

2. Continuous Partnership

We will build relationships that enable mutual growth and development through business with mutual cooperation and trust by establishing strong partnerships with domestic and overseas business partners.

3. Consideration for the Environment

Based on our "environmental policy", we will procure materials that have low environmental impact and promote procurement activities with consideration for environmental conservation.

4. Compliance to Law and Regulations and Societal Norms

Based on the "I-PEX Group Corporate Behavior Charter", we will observe applicable laws and regulations and societal norms and strive to build trustworthy relationships with business partners.
We are committed to putting our Supplier Code of Conduct & Responsibility Standards into action in conjunction with our customers as well as I-PEX Group's stakeholders.

5. Confidentiality

Under an appropriate management system, we will strictly manage and protect our customers’ information that we have acquired in the course of our procurement activities.