Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment

We manufacture and sell semiconductor molding machines. these machines are for the protection of integrated circuits embedded in semiconductors (silicon) through use of special resin molding under the I-PEX brand (formerly the Dai-ichi Seiko brand) .

In 1980, the world's first fully automatic semiconductor molding equipment was launched and delivered to semiconductor manufacturers worldwide. Since then, we have received support from many manufacturers as a result of our creation and improvement activities with customers.

Strengths and features

Manufacturing equipment made by a company that is knowledgeable in mass production

Our company is not a specialized manufacturer of semiconductor manufacturing equipment—rather, we mass produce components such as connectors and automotive parts, in addition to manufacturing the production equipment for said components.
We are a company that can empathize with customers concerning the problems they face in their daily production and can maintain long-term relationships with our loyal customers owing to our knowledge in mass production.

Broad customer base and support for customization

By making full use of our molds and automatic machine technology to comply with product characteristics and customer requirements, we can provide optimal recommendations that have been customized to individual customers, based on our extensive track-record.

This provided support for customization is the reason why we are evaluated highly by a wide range of customers for products including automotive semiconductors, consumer semiconductors, power modules, passive components, ECUs, and sensors.

Track record as a long-term supplier, and offering reliable customer support for the global network base

For more than 40 years, we have supplied the world with automatic molding equipment that is produced in Japan and boasts a high level of excellence. The local support system in Asian countries is also well-equipped, giving peace of mind to customers who use our products.

List of products

Semiconductor molding machines

Semiconductor related equipment