Requests for Business Partners

Fulfillment of social responsibilities by the entire supply chain including our business partners is a requisite for conducting business. Thus, we request our business partners to implement the below items.

1. Compliance to Laws & Regulations and Societal Norms

  • Compliance to applicable laws and regulations (antitrust law, commercial law, subcontract act, foreign exchange law, personal information protection act, copyright act, labor laws, and other laws and regulations related to health & safety and the environment).
  • Prohibition of child labor and forced labor.
  • Prohibition of racial and sex discrimination, respect for dignity of individual employees.
  • Maintenance of an appropriate work environment.
  • Prohibition of bribery and unfair acts.

Pursuit of Advanced Technology

Pursuit and proposal of advanced technology that excels with originality and differentiation.

3. Emphasis on Quality, Delivery Date, and Stable Supply

Development of a system that ensures the quality and delivery date as well as a stable supply required by I-PEX.

4. Cost Reduction (VA / VE activities) Practice

Initiatives for continuously improving cost by implementing VA / VE activities for cost reduction.

5. Consideration for the Environment

Development of an environmental conservation system as well as a stable supply of materials with low environmental impact.

6. Responsible Procurement of Raw Materials

Use of raw materials that have no connection with inhuman acts such as human rights violations and labor issues in conflict or high-risk areas.

7. Confidentiality

Appropriate protection and management of information obtained through transactions with I-PEX, and non-disclosure without approval.

8. Promotion of Sound Business Operation

Promotion of sound and stable business operation and regular disclosure of adequate information on financial status and financial statements of our business partners in order to build a relationship of mutual cooperation and trust through continuous business.

9. Elimination of Antisocial Forces

No relationships with any antisocial force.