I-PEX Digest

I-PEX, Experts in Manufacturing Solutions

I-PEX represents experts in manufacturing solutions providing value in the form of inspiration and astonishment in the global marketplace.

We continue to seek, create and make proposals from a sharp perspective in a niche market. We achieve this through the spirit of taking on challenges without fear of failure and an untiring spirit of inquiry and flexibility, a fusion of various values and skills, and the pursuit of localization. Under speedy and flexible manufacturing systems, we will work with customers who will open up the next generation of products at the world's sharpest tip, crossing industries and areas, to imagine a better future and support the product development that people love.

Our Origin

In 1963, I-PEX was born in Kyoto as "Dai-Ichi Seiko," a precision mold manufacturer.

We have worked hard to manufacture products with a high degree of difficulty through the development of technologies centered on in-house production of molds and manufacturing equipment, and have developed a number of world-first and unique products and solutions.

To be the Sharpest

By embodying the I-PEX brand and creating original value that surpasses the imagination of customers, each of us contribute to dramatic growth as a partner that is the first choice of customers.

  • Sales 59.0billion yen
  • Ordinary profit -0.5billion yen
  • Overseas sales ratio 66%
  • Number of countries/regions 12countries
  • Number of base locations 39base locations
  • Number of employees 5,007employees
  • Total assets 91.6billion yen
  • Net assets 58.3 billion yen
  • Capital adequacy ratio 64 %
  • As of December 2023

Business Introduction

We develop, manufacture and sell connectors, sensors and semiconductor manufacturing equipment under the I-PEX brand. We also manufacture automotive parts, precision molded parts and various manufacturing equipment on a contract basis and supply them to the market.

Products and services

Business areas

  • PCs

  • Smartphones

  • Automobiles

  • HDDs

  • Semiconductors

  • Digital consumer electronics

  • Drones

  • Robots

  • Industrial machineries

  • Medical devices

Global Expansion

Global Expansion

We have 39 base locations in 12 countries/regions around the world, and are engaged in business for our customers on a global scale.

Investor Relations

I-PEX is listed on the Prime Market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, and ventures a step beyond the needs of the times to create new value.


With unique ingenuity shining brightly, the “sharpest tip” opens the way to the next generation, allows the world to shine, and makes a brighter future. Would you like to pursue it with us?