Aug. 5, 2022

I-PEX has released the new NOVASTACK® 35-HDH fully-shielded, board-to-board connecter at 1.5 mm mating height and 0.35 mm pitch.

This connector combines excellent mating workability with high electrical performance.


The NOVASTACK® 35-HDH connector can be used in a wide variety of applications, including  notebook PCs, automotive cameras, VR headsets, etc.

With its 360-degree metal shielded ZenShield® design, this connector significantly reduces EMI emanating from the connector, minimizing its impact on the antenna even if the connector is placed close to the antenna.

In addition, to make the connector compatible with the trend of data transmission getting faster year every year, we have designed the signal contacts to be suitable for high-speed transmission. The NOVASTACK® 35-HDH connector is capable of 40 Gbps/lane transmission and supports the latest transmission standards.

Operator-friendly Connector

The large guide area on the metal shell guides the connector into the proper mating position even in a blind mating situation. The sensory clicking feeling during mating prevents a half-mating issue and also prevents damage due to additional load after mating.