I-PEX Inc. Celebrates its 60th Anniversary

Jul. 7, 2023

I-PEX 60th Anniversary

I-PEX Inc. will celebrate the 60th anniversary of its founding on July 10, 2023 (Mon.). The founder, Akira Konishi, established the company as Dai-ichi Seiko Co., Ltd. with the purpose of manufacturing molds on July 10, 1963.

Since then, with high precision mold technology at our core, we have grown our business by creating new technology for the mass production of precision molded parts and integrated production of connectors. After being listed on the JASDAQ Securities Exchange in 2006 and the 1st Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange in 2011, we changed our company name to I-PEX in 2020 to match our brand, with the aim of becoming a manufacturing solutions expert.


We would like to express our gratitude to all of our stakeholders, including our customers, business partners, shareholders, and the local residents, who have supported I-PEX over the years, and ask for their continued support.


To celebrate I-PEX 60th anniversary, we are releasing two pieces of content.

The first one is “60th Special History -The 60-Year Journey of I-PEX-,” a special web page that explains our history. The other one is “Topics,” a content looking beyond our 60-year history, introducing our “sharpest” initiatives connecting the present and future of I-PEX.

60th Special History -60 Years of I-PEX-


60th Special History -60 Years of I-PEX- explains the history of I-PEX Inc. from its founding to the present.

The web page contains the chronology of I-PEX's 60-year history and I-PEX's businesses, products, and the actions behind them, including the creation of I-PEX's module system—its original high precision mold manufacturing method—its expansion into mass production of high precision molds including connectors and automobile parts, its integrated production of connectors, the start of its sensor and MEMS businesses, the change to the company and brand's current name, and more.

It focuses on I-PEX's various “world's firsts,” such as the development of the GP-MARK-I—the fully automatic semiconductor resin encapsulating machine—the successful mass production of ramps—high precision molds for HDDs (hard disk drives)—and the development of connectors for micro-coaxial wires.



Topics explains from various perspectives I-PEX's initiatives to expand even further on the forefront throughout the world more than ever before using its 60-year journey as its foundation.

It features a wide range of information on I-PEX that could not be communicated before, including I-PEX's famous solutions and technologies, its new projects, its sustainability efforts for growing sustainably while contributing to society and the environment, activities at the I-PEX Group's bases in 12 countries and regions across the world and the company's corporate initiatives supporting them, and more.

Please take a look at I-PEX as it continues its journey toward 70 years, and toward 100 years.