Code of Conduct

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I-PEX Group Code of Conduct

I-PEX Group strives to be achieved by not only complying with applicable laws, but also conducting with social responsibilities. We are committed to business conduct with fair dealing and integrity to have a confidence of all stake holders.

1. Customer Satisfaction

I-PEX Group strives to develop and supply the products and services which truly meet customers needs to increase customers' satisfaction and trust on us based on safety and quality.

2. Challenging New Technology

I-PEX Group challenges development of creative technologies and actively explores new products and new business domains.

3. Fair Business Activity

I-PEX Group complies with applicable laws, rules, and regulations, and conducts business in a fair and faithful manner.

4. Risk Management

In cases where risk occurs which may have a critical impact on the company, I-PEX Group doesn't only accurately assess the magnitude of the risk and respond to the situation, but also takes all the measures necessary to offset the risk and to keep the losses at a minimum.

5. Information Disclosure

I-PEX Group discloses full and accurate information relating to the company in a timely, appropriate, and fair manner to ensure high transparency in business activities.

6. Preservation of the Environment

I-PEX Group are committed to dealing actively with the environment protection and promoting earth-friendly business activities.

7. Coexistence with Local Communities

I-PEX Group actively cooperates with the local community and contributes to it as a good corporate citizen.

8. Respect for Human Rights

I-PEX Group respects the human rights and personalities of all employees and realizes safe and comfortable working conditions, where they can fully exercise their abilities. In every aspect of corporate activities we respects human rights and voluntary labor, and eliminates invidious discrimination, human trafficking and forced labor.

9. Management of Intellectual Property and Personal Information

I-PEX Group recognizes the value of intellectual property and personal information, and these rights are managed properly.

10. Harmony with The International Community

I-PEX Group strives to conduct business activities ensuring that they are in compliance with all applicable international laws, rules, and regulations, respecting each traditional culture and social norms and in harmony with international communities.

11. Responsible Procurement of Raw Materials

In order to establish responsible supply chains, I-PEX Group is committed to procuring raw materials that have no connection with inhuman acts such as human rights violations and labor issues in conflict or high-risk areas.

Revised on August 1, 2020

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Takaharu Tsuchiyama