Compliance Inquiries

We, I-PEX Group are conducting our daily business activities aiming to establish the highest standard about CSR such as Ethics, Labor & Human Rights, Health & Safety, Environment and so on.
To make our address to our Corporate Governance and CSR activities enhance and improve further, we hereby provide the following contact channels as a path to our group as for CSR for all of workers, suppliers and other stakeholders related to our group not only in Japan, but also foreign countries.

So, when you found out any breaches of our Group's Code of Conduct, violation of law, fraud, corruption, malpractice financial irregularities, criminal activities, personal misconduct and so on, please contact us through the following banner to consult with us.

It is also possible for you to contact us through the following contact channels.

  1. 1.Telephone: +81-942-23-8808
  2. 2.Fax: +81-942-23-8818
  3. 3.Post: Compliance Consultation Desk, General Affairs Dept., I-PEX Co., Ltd., I-PEX Campus
    2409, Ogori, Ogori-city, Fukuoka, 838-0141, JAPAN
  • Notice: Anonymous consultation is acceptable. However, please be advise it is easier for us quickly and fairly to conduct our action if you could identify yourself and disclose as much information as possible.