I-PEX Group Safety Charter

Based on the recognition that to offer the safe and high quality products and services is a social mission of our group, we thoroughly carry out products' development, designing and manufacturing, in which top priority is given to safety, from customers' viewpoints under consciousness and responsibility of every group member about the mission, and we attempt simultaneously to arrange and enrich the safe and comfortable working environment.

Action Guideline for Safety

  1. 1.We thoroughly make our group members understand about the significance of safety assuring under the recognition that products' development, designing and manufacturing in which safety is fully considered shall be regarded as top priority.
  2. 2.From a viewpoint of early detection of hazardous factors and their prompt elimination, we attempt assuring the information transparency among our group members.
  3. 3.Under the conviction that the provision of safe and high quality products and services to customers are brought about from the safe and comfortable working environment, we comply with the relevant laws and regulations, and make efforts to ensure the protection from occupational accidents and the health maintenance for our group members through establishing the working places where the safety and hygienic are considered.
  4. 4.We constitute an internal regulation related to safety from a standpoint that safety and no accident are our social mission, and we conduct an educational campaign as to "Safety First" constantly through periodical safety patrol, improvement proposal system for working environment, preparation or revision of safety manual and so on.
  5. 5.We recognize that safety and no accident are the root of happiness for our group members and their families. We, therefore, attempt to assure not only the safety within our group premises, but also the traffic safety during journey between their homes and group premises through the observance of the related laws and regulations.

Revised on August 1, 2020

I-PEX Inc.
Takaharu Tsuchiyama