Compliance Declaration

I-PEX Group has grown as a company trusted by customers through the efforts of many of people working in the group. For our further growth in this rapidly changing world, by putting our code of conduct which we have ever developed, in the statutory form of "I-PEX Group Code of Conduct" to make it as foundation of our actions we intend to build a mechanism which enables each and every person working in I-PEX Group to clearly understand and to fulfill their responsibilities.

We, I-PEX Group, based on our corporate philosophy of "Perfection in PRECISION" meaning Commitment to Perfection in Precision Manufacturing, complies with applicable laws as a member of society and through business activities abiding by ethical codes, we are committed to conducting as a socially useful company recognized as a good corporate citizen and we hereby declare compliance operation of the company.

Revised on August 1, 2020

I-PEX Inc.
Takaharu Tsuchiyama