Frequently Asked Questions

About I-PEX Inc.

Q When was the Company established?

July 10, 1963.

Q Why did you change the company name from Dai-ichi Seiko to I-PEX?

Dai-ichi Seiko was established in 1963 as a manufacturer specializing in high precision molds. We devoted ourselves to improving our skills in mold microfabrication, and later expanded our business to other fields such as connectors, which are very important for mobile information devices, and sensors, which are capable of reading information that was difficult to detect back then. Through these activities, Dai-ichi Seiko has been thriving as a company that can function both as a contract parts manufacturer and as a consulting manufacturer.
Going forward, on the basis of our manufacturing DNA that we have fostered up to today, and with the aim of becoming a global company with a strong presence, we will strive to grow sustainably as an "innovative product development & engineering solutions expert" who creates new value, staying one step ahead of the needs of the times. To that end, we have changed our company name.

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    I-PEX stands for [Innovative Product development & Engineering solutions eXpert]. As I-PEX, we will provide value by surpassing expectations in the global market.

Please check here for information on I-PEX's philosophy.

Q When was the Company listed?

Our Company was listed in JASDAQ on November 17, 2006, and in the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange on March 3, 2011.
Following the reorganization of the Tokyo Stock Exchange market, the Company was listed on the Prime Market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange from April 4, 2022.

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    At present, we are listed only on the Prime Market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

Q What is your securities code?


About shares

Q Who is your shareholder registry administrator?

Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Corporation.

Q Who should I ask about procedures pertaining to shares?

In principle, if you, a shareholder, want to change your address, request a purchase, designate an account to receive a dividend, or carry out any other procedure, please make an inquiry to the account management organization (securities company, etc.) you have opened your account with, as such organizations are obliged to handle these requests. Please note that the shareholder registry administrator (Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Corporation) cannot handle these requests.
Contact Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Corporation for any inquiries regarding dividends to be received.
Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Corporation (toll free): 0120-094-777

Q When is the general shareholders' meeting?

We hold an annual general shareholders' meeting at the end of March.

Q Is there any special benefit for shareholders?

We do not offer special benefits for shareholders.

Q What is the minimum share trading unit?


Q When are the reference dates for distributing dividends?

December 31 for year-end dividends, and June 30 for interim dividends.

Q Could you provide me with information regarding the shareholder composition and other matters on shares?

Please see Stock Infomation.

Settlement/financial information

Q Could you inform me of the announcement dates of settlements?

Please see IR Calendar.

Q When is the settlement term?

December 31.
We announce our earnings every quarter.

Q Could you tell me about settlement information and business result forecasts?

Please see Financial Flash Report.