Disclosure Policy

Basic attitude towards information disclosure

The basic attitude of I-PEX Inc.(hereinafter referred to as the Company) is to provide shareholders, investors, and analysts with corporate information, including our management policies, business strategies, performance results, and financial conditions, in an accurate, easy-to-understand, timely, and fair manner. We do not share any specific information with certain entities.

How information is disclosed

We will promptly disclose information set forth in timely disclosure regulations and other laws, by means of designated disclosure methods, such as TDNet (a timely information transmission system provided by the Tokyo Stock Exchange) and press releases. We will also communicate information that does not fall under the timely disclosure regulations to our shareholders and investors in a timely, appropriate, accurate and fair manner. As a standard, the Company will publish information as soon as it has been officially announced on our website. (Please be reminded that technical problems may delay the publication of information.)

Business result forecasts and future forecasts

The Company makes every effort to disclose the business results of each quarter for your convenience. Future forecasts such as business result forecasts announced by the Company are only forecasts made at that time, and we do not guarantee that the content is accurate. When a change of the economic situation or market environment has caused an important management event, we may make an official announcement on the matter without delay in accordance with procedures set forth, and make corrections to the business result forecasts. The Company does not make any comments on the business result forecasts by third parties.

Spreading awareness on the IR policy

The Company will thoroughly spread awareness on this IR policy throughout the Company. All inquiries from investors, analysts, and research institutes are answered by our IR department. Doing this protects the Company and its employees from all legal obligations, including the Securities and Exchange Act.

IR self-restraint period

The Company has designated the four weeks prior to the earnings announcement date of each quarterly settlement as the "IR self-restraint period." During this period, the Company's officers and employees will refrain from commenting on or answering questions about the details of settlement, business prospects, or business result forecasts. However, if an important event has occurred during this period, we will disclose it in a timely manner. Your understanding is greatly appreciated.

Information on how to use this website and other things to keep in mind

When searching for information regarding the Company on this website, please refer to the page on how to use this website, other things to keep in mind, as well as referring to this IR policy. This website is not intended to solicit investments. We ask that investment decisions be made at the discretion of users.