Strengths and features of manufacturing equipment

Proposal of equipment solutions utilizing production know-how as a precision electronic component manufacturer

A wide variety of core technologies for automation

In addition to core technologies for processing such as "cutting," "applying," and "press fitting", we have a wide range of core technologies for automation such as high speed transport and alignment, and image inspection.

As a precision electronic component manufacturer, by utilizing these core technologies that we have cultivated with in-house production equipment, we provide optimal equipment solutions according to customers' requests.

Supply of an automated and custom-made manufacturing equipment

Close coordination with customers starting from the development concept stage of equipment

In order to respond to the requests of our customers, we ask questions regarding the equipment starting from the development concept stage, and proceed with development while managing development risks by FMEA. This enables us to offer high-quality equipment to respond customers' requests.

Development of original mechanisms

For those products that are to be produced, we also develop original mechanisms to match product characteristics and production processes.
For new processes that are the most important things for equipment, prototype units are used to evaluate the characteristics, accuracy and stability. By providing feedback on the results of mass production equipment development, we materialize the new technology required.

A reliable support system with a more than 40 year track record

Reliable support system for the global network base

We provide support from Japan for setup and training to ensure the safe use of our products in the Asian region.

Local support for semiconductor manufacturing equipment is available in the Asian region, and once the equipment has been delivered, prompt support can be provided from each local base.