Strengths and features of contract manufacturing

Design optimization through integrated complex molding solutions

We combine tiny parts made with grinding technology to produce high-precision, split-structure molds.
In addition, the interchangeability of each part makes it easier to switch and restore them, thereby ensuring production stability.

By designing and manufacturing molds, press molds and ultimately automatic machines, we can ensure high quality through combining different technologies.

By designing the optimum line arranged for product specifications, production bases, and planned quantities, we are able to realize cost reductions.

Achieve design optimization from the product concept stage

We have 13 sales offices around the world, and receive requests through direct interviews organized by our extensive support system with FAEs*. By providing immediate solutions and suggestions, we can accelerate customers' development period. We cooperate with customers to reduce their total costs.

  • Field Application Engineers (On-site engineers)

Backed by reliable long-term support

We supply 300-million resin and metal composites annually.

With zero market complaints, we are highly valued by our customers.