Electrostatic Capacitance Torque Sensor

This is a sensor to detect and control torque generated at revolving motion of various kinds of robot and automated assembly machines.
Because of adoption of electrostatic capacitance system, we realized simple construction other torque sensors with the conventional strain gauge. Our model enables reduction of the number of parts, great cost reduction and freely designing corresponding to needs.


  • Simple construction, light weight & low cost due to adoption of electrostatic capacitance system
  • Due to built-in micro computer, outer module for corrective process is not required
Electrostatic Capacitance Torque Sensor ESTORQ


  • For information on ES-Hand, an electric hand can be used as an end effector for robotic arms equipped with ESTORQ, please click here.
  • For information on ES-Gripper, a gripper for a connector robot that can be used as an end effector of a robot arm with ESTORQ, please click here.

Example of Adoption

YASKAWA 6-axis robot, MOTOMAN-HC10DT/MOTOMAN-HC20DT (ESTORQ is equipped in every joint)

MOTOMAN-HC10DT / MOTOMAN-HC20DT is a collaborated robotic design by Yaskawa, that is designed to work side-by-side with people. Both types have adopted the I-PEX torque sensor, ESTORQ® as the joint shaft torque sensor.

Because ESTORQ® is equipped to detect external force, it will automatically stop when the robot detects interference. An important function of the collaborative robot is its ability to work side-by-side with people.


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