Precision molding

We combine a wide range of our technologies and knowledge, including connector manufacturing for electronic equipment and automobiles, mass production of various sensor parts for automobiles by insert molding, and development of semiconductor sealing devices using thermosetting resins. Through this, we make proposals for mass-production molding of precision and electronic parts, production of various custom parts, and automation processes.


In the production of HDD mechanism components, materials are dried, molded, visually and dimensionally checked, and after product cleaning and an appearance inspection, they are shipped. All of the processes are completed by ourselves, ensuring high dimensional accuracy and stable quality. We also handle products that require cleanliness through pure water cleansing, inspection and packaging in clean rooms.

Case 1: HDD mechanism components

We supply various mechanism components used for hard disk drives (HDDs).

Lamps are parts used on all HDDs that use a load/unload method to prevent contact between the surface of the disk and the magnetic head. In 1997, we were the first company in the world to start mass production of lamps through joint development with HDD manufacturers. Lamps are essential to dramatically improve HDD memory capacity and drop shock resistance.

In addition, we manufacture various mechanism components used for HDDs, such as latches that are responsible for the braking of actuators, slits to hold components/parts, and air spoilers that control the airflow over discs.

Case 2: Sewing machine parts

We mass-produce and supply to our customers the gears, cams, other mechanism components, and exterior parts (such as accessories) used for multi-function home sewing machines by injection molding.

Since these are important parts that affect sewing machine functionality, and there are a high number of parts to be combined, accurate dimensional accuracy and control are required.