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Assembly and contract manufacturing

From the design stage through to assembly, we take on contract manufacturing for products. This is based on the know-how we have cultivated in the mass production of automotive parts and connectors, and the manufacturing of production equipment for use in our company.

By employing our domestic and overseas networks, we are able to provide products using an optimal system.

Case 1: Water meters

The central part of a water meter requires precise and stable operation in harsh environments where high resistance to water and dust are necessary.

We produce and supply approximately 50 parts through a variety of processes, including welding and press fitting, printing and pasting.

Case 2: Forensic analysis devices

We supply microfluidic devices used for forensic analysis, which have combinations of approximately 300 materials and chemicals such as molded circuits, filters and valves.

Case 3: Torque sensors

Employment case


The sensor "ESTORQ" detects and controls the torque generated when various robots and automatic assembly devices developed in-house carry out rotational movements.

It incorporates precision mechanical and electric components/parts, and performs operations including various calibrations, precision inspections, and characteristic confirmation.