Desktop manual molding machine ideal for development

Compact single pot transfer molding equipment for various types of molding, which is required for the development of next-generation packages such as vacuum assisted molding and film molding.

The top and bottom molds are around 8 kg, making it easy to swap them out.
Ideal for package development, resin characteristics evaluation, and other applications.

Feature 1: Small molding machine ideal for prototype molding

We realized a level of cost performance that enables low-price molding for development and low-volume prototypes, and a compact and lightweight design which can be installed on desktops.

The machine is easy to install and also relocate, even on the second floor of a building. This is thanks to it having a light weight of 500 kg or less, it is installed on a base equipped with castors, and can be also used for vacuum assisted molding.

The machine has plug-and-play-support making it easy to use, combined with high maintainability.

Feature 2: Small single pot mold

The small mold dedicated to a single pot can be used for a 75-mm wide frame while still having a small form-factor. Offset molding enables molding with conventional lead frames.

The top and bottom molds are both lightweight at approximately 8 kg, making it easy to swap them out. It supports a wide range of development items, including MUF molding, exposed molding and low-profile packaging.

Feature 3: A variety of molding options

FAM (Film assisted system)

FAM technology using film enables exposed heat sink molding such as sensor molding and power devices, which are representative of die exposed packages.

VAM (vacuum assisted molding)

If air bubbles cannot be easily removed when using complex packaging and gate shapes, complex resin viscosity characteristics, and transparent resins, a wide range of molding conditions can be added with the decompression mechanism option.

Feature 4: Resin characteristics evaluation system (optional)

Various thermosetting resin characteristics can be evaluated for research and development, including resin viscosity properties and the ability to apply resin to molds.

A dedicated mold can be mounted to suit the shape required, and resin data can be collected by incorporating the desired software.


Clamp Force Model Name(press) Machine Size(mm) Weight Max. L/F Size(mm)
8ton S・pot (1press) W:330×L:1100×H:725 0.3ton W:15-75