Manual molding machine for a wide range of applications, including development and specialized applications

Three models are available: The 80-ton, 120-ton, and 170-ton. The manual machine has a simple structure and is easy-to-operate.

A wide range of packages are available with a wide range of options, while offering a low-price system.

Feature 1: Easy operation with a simple structure

With its simple structure, easy operation through plug-and-play and high maintainability have been realized. Operators do not need to be skilled in their work and can operate the system with short-term training.

Feature 2: Manual process for loading and unloading resins and products

The frame is manually loaded into the mold and the tablet is loaded with a jig, making it easy for the operator to conduct molding.

After the resin and frame have been loaded, the molding process is carried out automatically by closing the operation door and pressing the start button with both hands. After molding is complete, the mold opens and the operation is stopped. The operation door is opened and the product is removed.

Additional mold cleaner units are available for automatic mold cleaning as an option. A degate jig is suggested as a separate unit for the degate operation.

Feature 3: A variety of molding options

HFC (bottom-mold movable CAV system)

When using BGA substrates, which are prone to generate substrate thickness variations at the material stage, the HFC mechanism can be installed to float the bottom mold and absorb thickness variations.

VAM (vacuum assisted molding)

If air bubbles cannot be easily removed when using complex packaging and gate shapes, complex resin viscosity characteristics, and transparent resins, a wide range of molding conditions can be added with the decompression mechanism option.

PPG (Top gate system)

The Pin Point Gate is not only a solution to narrow-pitch wire products that require wire-flow measures, but it is also a special technology that is necessary to accommodate high-density frames.

FAM (Film assisted system)

FAM technology using film enables exposed heat sink molding such as sensor molding and power devices, which are representative of die exposed packages.

CCFC (Transfer compression)

CCFC is our unique technology that combines the benefits of transfer molding and compression molding.

By moving the top cavity of the mold in accordance with the resin filling timing, we can achieve narrow-gap thin molding, which is not possible with conventional transfer molding, and we can also make significant contributions to cost reductions by realizing filmless molding.


Clamp Force Model Name(press) Machine Size(mm) Weight Max. L/F Size(mm)
170ton GP-PRO LAB170 (1press) W:744×L:1520×H:2040 4.0ton 110×300
120ton GP-PRO LAB120 (1press) W:822×L:1520×H:1820 3.5ton 90×275
80ton GP-PRO LAB80 (1press) W:690×L:1520×H:1820 2.5ton

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