GP-PRO SP-G Series

Thorough pursuit of dust protection
Automatic molding for automotive semiconductor quality

Since we started to sell the world's first automatic molding machines in 1980, we have accumulated 40 years of history and proven results. The SP-G, which is a state-of-the-art technology that was born based on the frequently upgraded "SP series", was made in order to solve the challenges of domestic and international customers.

The lineup includes three models—the 80-ton, 120-ton and 170-ton—and are designed to meet a wide range of needs for high quality, including connections to IoT devices, as well as resin sealing for consumer ICs, automotive ICs, and passive components through thorough dust protection.

Feature 1: Dust protection to improve product quality

By installing a dedicated dust collection unit which encloses the parts feeder, dust generation has been reduced by 80% compared to a conventional one.

Providing the linear drive for the loader also solves dust risk and eliminates the risk of failure.

Feature 2: IoT ready for stable production

Real-time visibility into operation conditions required by smart factories is realized. (Optional)

Always-on monitoring provides alerts in advance to eliminate the risk of unexpected machine stoppages. We support customers' predictive maintenance activities.

Feature 3: Dual-pot molds for larger products

In addition to conventional single-pot molds, the lineup includes dual-pot molds. They are compatible with large products that use large volumes of resin.

AI temperature prediction control technology improves mold temperature drop in real time. (Patent pending)

Feature 4: Customizable (individual molds, heat sink molds)

Our automated technology allows customers to customize their equipment to meet their needs and product characteristics, enabling full-automatic production.

We offer a variety of solutions including molding machines with individual-piece alignment and molding machines with insert units, in order to support products such as ECU boards, passive components, power modules, and devices with heat sinks, which are different from the typical lead frame.

Feature 5: Wide range of standard equipment

Movable frame pre-heater

The movable pre-heater minimizes temperature drops when the frame is loaded. (Patented)

Image processing product differentiation

An image processing system is installed as standard equipment for image processing for frame orientation and front-to-back differentiations.

Powerful mold cleaner with rotating brush

The rotating brush hoisting vacuums up the dust, keeping the mold clean after molding.

Compatible with HD frames

The 170-ton type supports HD lead frames up to 110 x 300 mm.

Feature 6: A variety of molding options

HFC (bottom-mold movable CAV system)

When using BGA substrates, which are prone to generate substrate thickness variations at the material stage, the HFC mechanism can be installed to float the bottom mold and absorb thickness variations.

VAM (vacuum assisted molding)

If air bubbles cannot be easily removed when using complex packaging and gate shapes, complex resin viscosity characteristics, and transparent resins, a wide range of molding conditions can be added with the decompression mechanism option.

PPG (Top gate system)

The Pin Point Gate is not only a solution to narrow-pitch wire products that require wire-flow measures, but it is also a special technology that is necessary to accommodate high-density frames.

FAM (Film assisted system)

FAM technology using film enables exposed heat sink molding such as sensor molding and power devices, which are representative of die exposed packages.

CCFC (Transfer compression)

CCFC is our unique technology that combines the benefits of transfer molding and compression molding.

By moving the top cavity of the mold in accordance with the resin filling timing, we can achieve narrow-gap thin molding, which is not possible with conventional transfer molding, and we can also make significant contributions to cost reductions by realizing filmless molding.


Clamp Force Model Name(press) Machine Size(mm) Weight Max. L/F Size(mm)
170ton GP-PRO4 SP170G (2press) W:3500×L:1520×H:2020 10.5ton 110×300
GP-PRO8 SP170G (4press) W:4900×L:1520×H:2020 17.5ton
120ton GP-PRO4 SP120G (2press) W:3380×L:1520×H:1820 9.5ton 90×275
GP-PRO8 SP120G (4press) W:4940×L:1520×H:1820 15.5ton
80ton GP-PRO4 SP80G (2press) W:3180×L:1520×H:1820 7.5ton
GP-PRO8 SP80G (4press) W:4540×L:1520×H:1820 11.5ton