GP-PRO sf Series

Realization of high cost performance 
A standard machine for high-mix low-volume production

The "sf series" was developed as compact and full-automatic molding equipment exclusively for one pressing to meet the needs of low-volume production of high-value-added products. Two types are available: The one-strip sf40, and the two-strip sf120.

This machine realizes high cost performance for a wide range of customer needs that are compact and have excellent maintainability.

Feature 1:1 High cost performance through one-press dedicated equipment

One-press dedicated machines and unique loader mechanisms realized automatic molding with lower equipment costs. HD lead frames (75 mm x 270 mm) can be also supported.

Feature 2: IoT ready for stable production

Real-time visibility into operation conditions required by smart factories is realized. (Optional)

Always-on monitoring provides alerts in advance to eliminate the risk of unexpected machine stoppages. We support customers' predictive maintenance activities.

Feature 3: Space saving by optimized unit placement

The sf40 has realized 1.4 square meters in space savings (1240 mm x 1120 mm), despite the fact that it is a fully automatic molding machine.

We also supply magazines for tablets that are easy to change resins with, to accommodate a wide variety of products, such as resin differences. (Optional)

Feature 4: Wide range of standard equipment


Pre-heaters are installed as standard equipment to reduce frame temperature elevation waiting time.

Powerful mold cleaner with rotating brush

The rotating brush hoisting vacuums up the dust, keeping the mold clean after molding.

Feature 5: A variety of molding options

HFC (bottom-mold movable CAV system)

When using BGA substrates, which are prone to generate substrate thickness variations at the material stage, the HFC mechanism can be installed to float the bottom mold and absorb thickness variations.

VAM (vacuum assisted molding)

If air bubbles cannot be easily removed when using complex packaging and gate shapes, complex resin viscosity characteristics, and transparent resins, a wide range of molding conditions can be added with the decompression mechanism option.

FAM (Film assisted system)

FAM technology using film enables exposed heat sink molding such as sensor molding and power devices, which are representative of die exposed packages.


Clamp Force Model Name(press) Machine Size(mm) Weight Max. L/F Size(mm)
120ton GP-PRO sf120 (1press) W:1510×L:1350×H:1880 3.8ton 75×270
40ton GP-PRO sf40 (1press) W:1200×L:1100×H:1820 2.5ton

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